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Ros Munro

I had a major renovation done on my 1940's fibre beach house in Yamba in 2017. Deciding to engage Joe O'Keeffe as my builder, was the best decision I could have made. From day one, and throughout the whole renovation, I did not have a moments worry. Joe was organised, helpful, well mannered, calm and a pleasure to work with. He has an amazing ability to get on with people, and can resolve any dispute that may arise, with a very pleasant manner. The many compliments I have had regarding my house, are a testament to his workmanship. His attention to detail is to be commended. I could not recommend Joe highly enough.

Buffy Williams-Robinson

We don't think we could have chosen a better builder then Joe! We feel like we struck gold! We will always give him an outstanding recommendation. Joe is a 'we can do anything kind of guy'. The experience he brings along with his team I believe is second to none in the area. He is always thinking of the best way to do things and treats the job like he is working on his own house. Joe is amazing!

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